A New Home and a New Beginning

oldsb copyToday, this new WordPress home for The Storyboard goes completely live. Previously I had the blog hosted at Blogger. In fact, I started The Storyboard more than 8 years ago, during a period when I was recuperating from a serious car crash and was probably feeling bored.

I took a 5-year sabbatical from blogging, during which a lot of stuff happened (like I made a short film and a documentary), and when I re-started The Storyboard at Blogger, it was to my horror that there were irreparable glitches, the main one being a completely non-existent comments section.

That was when I started hunting for a new home. And here we are today at WordPress.

All my previous posts at the old blog will still be there – old reviews, news stuff and some nonsense. It will remain an archive for all the embarrassing and silly stuff I ever wrote. Head on there if you are inclined to check out the jetsam and the flotsam of my past blogging (mis)adventures.

Otherwise, welcome to the new home of The Storyboard. May we have a lot of fun ahead.


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