Miscellaneous Miscellany


Quite a bit of festival grant and project announcements this week.

  • First up is the Shanghai International Film Festival unveiling this year’s project line-up. There are new works from lots of emerging directing talents. The interesting one among the co-productions announced is the Malaysian connection of Five Star Billionaire, to be directed by Bernard Chauly, adapted from the Tash Aw novel.
  • The 14th New York Asian Film Festival has a teaser trailer, featuring crazy humour, explosive action and, um, steamy sex.
  • If you’re in Queensland, Australia, you might want to track down veteran Hong Kong martial arts superstar Cheng Pei-pei. She’s there right now shooting an outback thriller, Goldstone, directed by indigenous filmmaker Ivan Sen. The Hollywood Reporter says so.
  • Finally, can you picture Bruce Willis alongside Nicholas Tse, William Chen and Liu Ye? Well, it’s happening. Willis is starring in the expensive 3D war epic, The Bombing, directed by Xiao Feng. He plays a flying instructor in WWII China. The Guardian has more here.

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