Miscellaneous Miscellany


  • So, there’s a new Attack on Titan live-action trailer this week, and it’s apparently full of gastronomical scenes, that is, giant munching on scrumptious human beings. And also scenes of giants being dismembered. Seriously, this live-action adaptation of the wildly popular and highly acclaimed manga and anime series is starting to look like some really crazy fun. The film releases next week in Singapore. But we’ve yet to hear of a date for Malaysia. It would be difficult for the censors to deal with it because the giants are all naked.
  • Meanwhile, saving the best for last, here’s the trailer for Osman Ali (Puaka Tebing Biru)’s latest movie, Jwanita, a horror film featuring cannibalism and a plethora of horrible things. It looks really good, and it will be released in September.

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