6 Reasons Why I Hate Back to the Future

No, Doc, where you're going, you still need roads!

No, Doc, where you’re going, you still need roads!

Yes, today’s the day. Doc Emmett Brown and Marty McFly are supposedly here. And I am reminded once again, in a big way this time, that I really hate Back to the Future. Why?

Here are the 6 reasons.

  1. When the first movie came out, it was a great time, right smack in the middle of a grand decade – 1985. I enjoyed the movie so much, I remember exactly where I saw the movie, how I felt, what I was wearing. And it has left an indelible impression on me, so much so that I ache with deep nostalgia for the time of my youth. It’s painful! Damn you, Bob Zemeckis!
  2. When Back to the Future Part II came out, I enjoyed it so much, I saw it TWICE in the cinema. And I was just a teenager, and had to use up my pocket money with none left for school lunches. Damn you, BTTF II!
  3. When the DVD box set came out, I quickly snapped it up. It wasn’t even cheap. And then the Blu-ray format was invented, and I had to double-dip. More money gone! This time, my hard-earned cash as an adult. Damn you, Universal!
  4. Whenever I got into a heated argument with someone bigger than me, and they were about to beat me up, I always used Marty McFly’s trick. I would point and say, “Hey, what’s that?” and punch them first … except in real life, it doesn’t work that way. I still got beaten up. Damn you, Marty!
  5. For decades now, I’ve been kept awake by the enduring mystery of just who the hell is “Scott” and what is it that makes him so great??? Damn you, Doc Brown!
  6. Now, an anniversary edition of the trilogy on Blu-ray AND also a commemorative book are available. I will have to triple-dip! Damn you, Back to the Future!

Ah, what the hell. Welcome to the future, Doc and Marty!



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