Opening This Week

Heading into Malaysian cinemas Dec 3.



Based on the 1820 event, a whaling ship is preyed upon by a sperm whale, stranding its crew at sea for 90 days, thousands of miles from home.

Director: Ron Howard

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Ben Whishaw, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Charlotte Riley




point-break-600x889POINT BREAK

A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated corporate heists. Inspired by the classic 1991 hit.

Director: Ericson Core

Starring: Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Ray Winstone, Teresa Palmer




ricki-and-the-flashRICKI AND THE FLASH

A musician who gave up everything for her dream of rock-and-roll stardom returns home, looking to make things right with her family.

Director: Jonathan Demme

Starring: Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Bernie Worrell, Rick Springfield





FathersDaughtersposterbigUSFATHERS AND DAUGHTERS

A Pulitzer-winning writer grapples with being a widower and father after a mental breakdown, while, 27 years later, his grown daughter struggles to forge connections of her own.

Director: Gabriele Muccino

Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Paul, Diane Kruger, Russell Crowe





A boy who has a bad Christmas ends up accidentally summoning a Christmas demon to his family home.

Director: Michael Dougherty

Starring: Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner





Ghost-TheaterGHOST THEATRE (Japanese)

The bitter rivalry between two actresses in a stage play is just the start of the theatre’s troubles. When rehearsals start, strange things begin to happen.

Director: Hideo Nakata

Starring: Haruka Shimazaki, Rika Adachi, Riho Takada, Keita Machida




paint-my-love-poster-1446655956PAINT MY LOVE (Mandarin)

In a small fishing village of Pulau Ketam, a boy and a girl must are torn between following their dreams and doing what others expect of them. They unexpectedly fall in love with each other along the way and what happens next is a touching act that will forever change not only their lives but the life of everyone at the village.

Director: Jen B

Starring: Sam Fuying, Ribbon Ooi



Port-of-Call_poster_goldposter_com_2PORT OF CALL (Cantonese)

Based on true events, about a murder and dismemberment case in Hong Kong.

Director: Philip Yung

Starring: Aaron Kwok, Elaine Jin, Patrick Tam, Jessie Li, Michael Ning





Based on a true story, the film follows a poor Malay man named Hamid. Being poor has taught Hamid to work hard in order to be better, so that one day he can become successful.

Director: Razak Mohaideen

Starring: Rosyam Nor, Nora Danish, Fauzi Nawawi, Chem Amar, Nur Risteena Munim, Safia Hanifah




STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS advance sales tickets available now.


Where to book tickets:

Golden Screen Cinemas

Tanjong Golden Village

MBO Cinemas

LFS Cinemas


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