Opening This Week

Heading into Malaysian cinemas Dec 10.



Snoopy embarks upon his greatest mission as he and his team take to the skies to pursue their arch-nemesis, while his best pal Charlie Brown begins his own epic quest back home.

Director: Steve Martino

Voice cast: Noah Schnapp, Bill Melendez, Hadley Belle Miller




Love-The-Coopers-poster1LOVE THE COOPERS

When four generations of the Cooper clan come together for their annual Christmas Eve celebration, a series of unexpected visitors and unlikely events turn the night upside down, leading them all toward a surprising rediscovery of family bonds and the spirit of the holiday.

Director: Jessie Nelson

Starring: John Goodman, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin, Marisa Tomei



ScandalPosterSCANDAL – THE COMEBACK (Vietnamese)

A plastic surgeon and his wife hides the body of an actress after a surgery goes wrong. They concoct a story about how the actress had decided to disappear from the limelight to escape loan sharks.

Director: Victor Vũ

Starring: Trang Nhung, Chi Bảo, Thân Thúy Hà, Thân Thúy Hà




she remembersSHE REMEMBERS, HE FORGETS (Cantonese)

Unfulfilled at work and dissatisfied with her marital life, a middle-aged woman attends a high school reunion and finds a floodgate of flashbacks of her salad days open before her mind’s eyes. She was inseparable with two boys 20 years ago but married one of them eventually. All the memories eventually zero in on one critical incident that changed her life and those of the boys forever.

Director: Adam Wong

Starring: Jan Lamb, Miriam Chin Wah Yeung, Neo Yau



The-Last-Woman-Standing-2015THE LAST WOMEN STANDING (Mandarin)

Sheng Ruxi leads a successful career while having no love life, which is the issue that her parents and friends are extremely anxious about. However, things change when she meets her new colleague Ma Sai, a 25 year-old young man who is considerate and attractive.

Director: Luo Luo

Starring: Shu Qi, Eddie Peng Yu Yan, Hao Lei, lyn Hung



whos yo daddyWHO’S YOUR DADDY? (Mandarin)

A loser uncle and his loser nephew fail to make any money through scams and pirated DVDs, and decide to donate at the sperm bank. But when they find out that a sexy girl might be having  a baby that could be theirs, hilarity ensues.

Director: Boris Boo

Starring: Tedd Chan, Luke Lok, Jeanna Ho Pui Yu, Chelsia Ng





In a village, there lives a witch doctor believed to have kept a spiritual being. After the witch doctor suddenly passes away, chaos and confusion strike the village until the body is about to be buried. Many mysterious occurrences also seem to be related to a forgetful grave digger called Tok Wan.

Director: Hashim Rejab

Starring: Yassin, Syuk SYJ, Rahim R2, Shima Anuar, Epy Kodiang




Where to book tickets:

Golden Screen Cinemas

Tanjong Golden Village

MBO Cinemas

LFS Cinemas



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