Miscellaneous Miscellany


First off, some good news this week, local Tamil-language action-drama Jagat will be heading to the New York Asian Film Festival. Director Shanjhey Perumal’s debut feature, about an Indian family going through trying times in the 90s transition from the estates to the outside world, did modest business at the local cinemas, but was still a surprise success with a limited number of screens. The NYAFF gives it high praise when it says the film is “channeling the spirit of Satyajit Ray.” Jagat will be screened alongside films from South Korea, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan, including Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s acclaimed thriller Creepy.


That crazy filmmaker James Lee, once a maker of independent films that baffled, but who later became a mainstream commercial moviemaker who delved into various genres from action to horror, has not only been exploring the online medium, but is now trying to crowdfund his films. One is a horror flick called KL24: Zombies looking for some monetary support on crowdbacking platform Webe. The other is an action flick called Burn, essentially a Singaporean production seeking funding at Indiegogo. Burn is aiming for US$200,000. So, go help him out.


Lastly, Julian Cheah, the filmmaker you either love or hate, has gone and made a multicultural comedy. Called Judi Judi King Boss, it’s a comedy about illegal gambling. Cheah is the king of low-budget filmmaking in Malaysia, really, though he had been in the larger-budget Prince of the City starring alongside Aaron Aziz and Michael Madsen. Cheah has been extremely busy going around the country promoting this new movie. You can watch the trailer here. The movie will be released nationwide this week.


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